Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Civilians and soldiers

Throughout the project I was asked to provide a lot of faces for soldiers and civilians, which was probably one of my favorite things to do. Later on I figured out that zbrushing the heads was actually just as fast if not faster for me, and it made more sense for the pipeline because there was an actual 3D asset the modelers could use.
(Images Created by: Piero Macgowan for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. ©2012 Firaxis Games/Take Two Interactive)

You'll notice these portraits framed in some office levels :D

These are straight up portraits of two members of the xcom team, Matt Demaray on the left and Adam Goodrich on the right. We had fun using the Matt model (called a"Demaray" in the office) to populate levels with dead people early in the development.

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