Sunday, August 3, 2014

National Geographic photo study

I am a subscriber to National Geographic Magazine, which I've always loved to read and look through. It often has arresting images, and in this case I found an amazing photo in an article about Breton women and their traditional dresses and hats. 

This picture in particular caught my attention, and I decided to do a study from the physical magazine. However, when I compared the printed image to what I saw on National Geographic website (located here), the colors were way off, so I decided to do the study from the image on the screen instead. Since this is a study, I painted strictly from observation without any color picking or overpainting.
I also tried out some compositional changes to fit the figure in the frame a little differently. The photo is gorgeous and masterfully taken, but I wanted to see how changing the weight of the figure and the direction of certain lines would change the flow. 

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