Wednesday, January 13, 2016

XCOM 2 Sectoid Concept Art

Here are a couple of images to give you a taste of the XCOM 2 artbook!

This is the early concept for the Sectoid in XCOM :

Official Sectoid description From 2K Games:
"The Sectoid from XCOM: Enemy Unknown makes a return in XCOM 2, but even the least-observant soldier on the battlefield is bound to notice some new characteristics. See how the Sectoid is taller and almost human-like now? That’s no coincidence!
Through human gene manipulation, the alien invaders have managed to breed a new version of the Sectoid. This improved Sectoid gains a hefty, intimidating frame, all while retaining its well-known psionic abilities. One such ability is called Mindspin, a roulette-type mental attack that has a chance to disorient a soldier. Mind Control also makes a return, though in XCOM 2 it’ll be a much more early-game threat.
As for weaponry, Sectoids will once again brandish their patented wrist-mounted blaster. The Sectoid pictured above must have forgotten its weapon at home."

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