Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Finally! I can post XCOM artwork!

The time has finally arrived. I can post my work from XCOM: Enemy Unknown! I have been working on this project since Summer of 2007, so there's a bit of stuff to go through. I was officially the first guy on the project's payroll, some months before anyone else came on. It was just me and my art director, Greg Foertsch.
It was exciting to start on this new adventure called XCOM, with a plethora of aliens to design and an exciting lore imbued into the universe. Needless to say, I loved working on this project. I will make a quick plug and say that if you enjoy tactical games, especially games that are not like anything else out there, you should check XCOM out. Better yet, the PC Collector's edition comes with an artbook (wink, wink). 
Anyway, here is my first post. The Sectoid was the very first thing I worked on as a freelancer, even before I came onto Firaxis full time. I'll be posting more stuff as I sift through it. 

(Images Created by: Piero Macgowan for XCOM: Enemy Unknown. ©2012 Firaxis Games/Take Two Interactive)

The classic grey alien - or Sectoid, in this case

The very first drawings I worked on for XCOM

Front and back

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